This page shows applicants on the housing register how to let the council know that their circumstances have changed. 

If you have an ongoing housing register application you should let the council know if:

  • You change address;
  • Your household changes
  • Or your household has a change in financial or medical mobility circumstance

This can be done by logging into your Application Portal

Doing a Change of Circumstance will suspend your account whilst we assess your application. 

The council also know needs if  your contact details change, this is also done through your Application Portal.

The video below demonstrates how a Change of Circumstances is done.



Login to the customer portal

On the Customer portal go to update your application 


You will be able to see your applications, click - Report a change of circumstances  




You will see your household, although on the status it says completed, please click on view, to update your address 




Make sure you edit and close the previous address before enter your new address.  




After that ensure you click next to continue updating your application until it it shows that it is completed