Mobility Groups are irrespective of the band assessment, where a member of the household, has a substantial and permanent physical disability which place them into one of the following mobility groups:

Mobility 1 – Full-time wheelchair user

Mobility 2 – Part-time wheelchair user

Mobility 3 – Can only manage 1-3 steps

These mobility groups are also used to categories the accessibility of properties, to which these applicants are prioritised.

The Application Form Instructions 

If you are on the Brighton & Hove Housing Register, fit into any of the above mobility groups and would like to apply to be considered for an level access and/ or adapted accommodation please complete this form

You can complete the form online, writing in the text boxes and ticking the multiple choice questions. When you are finished you can click the download button in the top right corner and download 'with your changes'.

If you wish to print and complete the form, you will need to scan the application. 

Once downloaded you will need to send us the file you have downloaded. The fastest way to get this form assessed  is to attach it to your account. Please see this page for guidance in uploading documents. 

If you are unable to upload the document to your account then please send it to


You will also need to upload supporting evidence. Without supporting medical evidence your applicaction to be in a mobility group will be rejected. Below is a list of medical evidence you can submit at the same time to ensure that the assessor has everthing to hand to make their judgement. 

  • Recent  ‘Patient Summary'. You can ask the receptionists at your GP's surgery for this. This is a print-out summary of your history and diagnoses, and should be provided free of charge.
  • Proof of diagnosis, medication and treatment that you currently receive. 
  • Any recent reports and assessments regarding your medical needs. 
  • Reports or assessments regarding your mobility levels from any professionals who are involved within your care. e.g. from Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist or any other reports such as a walking aid assessment. If you have been assessed to use a wheelchair/electric scooter, we need proof of when you have been assessed to use it e.g. for outdoor use only or full-time